Emirates Natural Drinking Water

One of the earliest entrants in UAE’s burgeoning sector, Emirates Natural Drinking Water was established in 1979 with the setting up on an intergraded plant for bottling Natural Mineral Water at Al Bidia, Dibba in Al Fujairah. We started out our production at 4000 cartons a day, and today the capacity has increased to 15,000 a day in 7 sizes. We also manufacture Pet cups specially packed for Airlines, Supermarkets, Clubs, Schools and Hospitals.

Emirates Natural Drinking Water is a local company dedicated to the development of a healthy lifestyle and well being of the people of the UAE and all the other countries where Emirates Water is distributed. Our Water is sold through out the United Arab Emirates and exported to other countries.

As a producer, Emirates Natural Drinking Mineral Water Company pursues efficiency and safety in processing bottled spring water by using advanced technologies and using the finest ingredients to ultimately provide safety and unparalleled health to the residents, expatriates and tourist.