Emirates Natural Drinking Water

Emirates Natural Drinking Water is considered as one of the leaders in bottled water manufacturing in the Middle East. The water is processed and packed in a fully automated, modern manufacturing facility utilizing innovative processing technologies. A various range of products are produced with state-of-art machinery provided by leading Industrial supplier such as SIDEL.

Our new developments include some of the following,

- Installed the new high speed line from SACMI (ITALY) which increases its production by 16,200 BTLS an hour to 24,000 BTLS an hour. The new line can produce 3 different sizes and different packing all in one, known as a combi.

- 24hrs Production Capacity.  1.5L: 19,000 CTNS, 0.5L: 14,000 CTNS, 330ml: 14,000 CTNS.

- The machine also has the facility to shrink pack all different sizes which will be encourage to the customers reducing the use of cartons.

We are looking at the future of the environmental impact including the energy it takes to make a plastic bottles, in reducing the amount of plastic used we are protecting the environment. The first of its kind in the Middle East using lighter weight performs for their bottles, which reduces the amount of PET produced by about 30 percent and would therefore lower the amount of energy to make them.

You will find Emirates Waters around Global Village who are one of the main sponsors of the event.